Custom Patio Designs

When you think of concrete, you may immediately think of that plain white or grey stone you see in driveways and sidewalks.

Concrete is way more that that. It provides a beautiful and luxurious look to many parts of your home or business, and is available in a wide variety of styles. You can choose from styles such as stamped or inlaid concrete, or exposed aggregate for a beautiful look that will make a lasting first impression.

As far as color choices, you have many. Concrete can be colored before it is poured to get the color that will best match your home, and existing concrete can even be stained using acid to achieve the effect you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for a traditional smooth effect or something that resembles tile or granite, concrete can do the job, and at a fraction of the cost of some more expensive materials.

For more information on the design choices we offer, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to go over your options and find the perfect choices for you.

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