Benefits of a Concrete Floor

In many construction and remodeling projects, concrete is becoming the material of choice due to its versatility and durability, including concrete floors.

Concrete floors can be found in all types of environments, from upscale restaurants major metropolitan areas, to Racine decorative concrete floors and Lake Geneva decorative concrete floors. Concrete floors can be beautifully decorated and no longer just a drab grey slab. Business owners and homeowners alike are attracted to a variety of benefits a concrete floor provides.

Your concrete floor can be acid stained, painted, dyed, or include patterns or textures. Concrete floors are a great choice for interior rooms because of the options of colors than can seamlessly mesh with other elements in the room — so much so that many people don’t realize they are standing on a concrete floor.

And while a concrete floor can be beautiful and durable, it’s also a cost-effective options, especially if you’re finishing an existing concrete slab. A concrete floor costs similar to carpet, ceramic tile, linoleum or vinyl, and an extravagant design will cost just less than slate, marble or granite.

But unlike many of the other options listed above, a concrete floor requires minimal upkeep because of its durability.

Another selling point of a concrete floor is that when finished, it’s simple to maintain. A properly sealed concrete floor needs no more than a dust mop and can be cleaned easily with a non-volatile cleaner and water. Heavier traffic areas might require more care.

At Urban Concrete, we help home and business owners choose and install the right concrete flooring for them with beautiful results. We can help resurrect broken and cracked concrete floors in the basement or garage to make those spaces beautiful and functional again.

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A concrete floor is a great way to beautify a basement.