Allergies? Consider Concrete

The recent warm and unseasonable temperatures have us thinking spring (despite the even more recent snow), but for some, spring is a sign of suffering from seasonal allergies.

Pollen is the biggest culprit for those in agony from outdoor allergies, but many can suffer year round from indoor allergies, like dust mites, pet dander and molds. These allergens can hide in your carpeting, and require routine cleaning to get rid of these pesky annoyances.

If desperate, getting rid of carpeting in your house can help, since it’s in the carpeting where most of these allergens hide.

At Urban Creative Concrete, we can install concrete floors anywhere in your home as a durable and affordable option when looking to remove carpeting. Concrete floors, whether in Racine, Lake Geneva, Oak Creek or Milwaukee, can be acid stained, dyed, painted and include patterns and textures to make the floors match your home’s decor. Concrete floors can be beautiful and as unique as your home is.

And a new concrete floor is similar in cost to carpet, ceramic tile, linoleum or vinyl, and costs less than slate, marble or granite.

Once complete, concrete floors are easy to maintain, and, if properly sealed, needs no more than dust mop and a non-volatile cleaner and water to clean.

Because it’s so durable, concrete flooring can last much longer than carpeting and other flooring options, and can boost the value of your home if you ever decide to sell.

Lastly, concrete floors won’t harbor dust mites, molds and pet dander that cause sneezing and watery eyes that come with indoor allergies.

While you can’t control the weather and the pollen levels outside, we can help you control the allergens inside your home, all the while making it a beautiful and unique living space for you and your family.

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Urban Creative Concrete floor
Concrete floors are a great option if you’re trying to reduce allergens.